Monday, May 05, 2008

Join the Issachar tribe

Why join the tribe of Issachar?
Is it like the Toyota tribe or some indigenious tribal group?
Let's look at who is Issachar was? At least now, you know that he is a person.
The Bible records 5 major things about him.

1. Gen.30:18 Issachar which means 'reward from God' was born as the 5th son to Leah, the wife of Jacob.
Lesson - we need to look for the reward that comes from God . Set your eyes to accomplish the goals God has for you. He has wonderful rewards for you far more precious than anything that the world and man can offer.

2. Gen.48:14-15 Issachar is a rawboned donkey lying down between two saddlebags. When he sees how good is his resting place and how pleasant is his land, he will bend his shoulder to the burden and submit to forced labor.
Lesson - He is strong and stubborn (in the good sense). When he sees how good his reward will be, Issachar was willing to bear the burden and stand the heat of things. He paid the price because it was worth it. Be willing to labor to achieve God's goals and bring glory to His name.

3. 1 Chro.12:32 of Issachar who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.
Lesson - the Issachar tribe were a wise and action oriented people. They could see things from God's perspective and knew what the Lord wanted them to do. We need to understand what God is doing in our city and nation at this time and know what He wants us to do. The NOW word, I believe God is speaking to His church is to let his love break out of the church walls to bless the community in practical ways. There are seasons in God's time and He opens doors to wide spread revivals. Do you see it? Will you do it?

4. Judges 5:15 The princes of Issachar were with Deborah; yes, issachar was with Barak, rushing after him into the valley.
Lesson - The Canaanites were the oppressors of the Israelites at that time. God raised up a judge, Deborah. She gave a call to rally the people to break the stronghold of the Canaanites. Some tribes neglected the call, but Issachar worked with the leadership and they zealously ran to the battle. They understood the times and they knew what they were to do and they did it.

5. 1 Chro.7:5 The relatives who were fighting men belonging to the clans of Issachar...were 87,000.
Lesson - Issachar had the largest number of fighting men out of the 12 tribes. They were consripted into the army and they were ready to engage the enemy. They were strong as a tribe.
We need to work in groups and with groups. I pray that the whole church will offer themselves willingly as spiritual soldiers to defeat the powers of darkness by being the light of God's love in the nation.

The nation is waiting for the Issachars of this generation to rise up. This is the time of God's favor and this is the year of Jubilee for the church in Malaysia. Don't settle for something less. Reach for the reward that comes from God and be a blessing to many others.