Saturday, April 12, 2008

Be Tough!

Life is tough and the fittest will survive.
When turbulence hit, don't run and hide, hoping that it will soon be over. Be bold and face the wind. You are a child of God. Step out with God's authority. Know in your deepest inside that when God is for you, nothing can be against you.

When God is with us and for us - We are Undefeatable! Yes Undefeatable!
We may fall now and then but in the end, we will wear the victor's crown. Stand up and pray up. That's God's plan and purpose for you and I.

So, the next time you and others face a hard obstacle, you will see that many will turn back and accept the limitations but not you. The competition has been drastically reduced but you are still in the game. You will then surge forward, smash the barrier and seize the treasure that God has reserved on the other side for His strong but tender children. Tough Time/s is Reward Time.