Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Defeat of Defeat

Defeats can turn to victories even as Jesus conquered death and arose alive. We learnt it firsthand this Easter as a church. Easter has always been an exciting time for the church. Anticipating a larger attendance than previous years, we rented a public hall to hold this year's Easter service. This proved to be the right decision as the hall was packed up. The excited performers were waiting to give a polished presentation. However when the service started, almost everything that could go wrong, went wrong. The sound system was squealing with feedback, the musicians could not hear themselves, the singers missed the starting cue, dancers were out of rhthym ...and the list goes on. It was a disaster, so we thought.

Yet the Lord moved in a marvelous way. Many received His healing touch and their pain and infirmities was removed. Hearts were being stirred and we had one of our largest response to the message of God's of life and hope in Jesus. Inspite of our blunders, God showed up in the meeting and lives were changed.

Jesus gave up His life on the cross to give us life eternal.
He conquered death so that we can triumph over it.
Defeat was defeated, when Jesus resurrected from the grave!