Sunday, January 21, 2007

Making a Difference

I was invited to a dinner with my wife Pas Sheila at the Equestrian Club in Bukit Kiara. More accurately, Pas Sheila was the invited guest and I was just the driver. The occasion was a cheque presentation ceremony by a Kiwanis Club to three social homes of which Rainbow Home was one of the recipients. We arrived 20 minutes early and was led to a room at the restaurant. I was surprised that they were having a committee meeting there before the ceremony. The actual surprise was actually that the Committee consisted of all ladies only. I was told that the membership of this particular club admitted only ladies. Immediately I felt a little awkward being there. But I consoled myself that I was just being a good husband fetching my wife there. One of the members later jokingly admitted that it was not always easy for the ladies to work together but they have survived. Bravo ladies, men are not indispensable.

As we waited for the ceremony to begin, their meeting conversation could be heard from where I were sitting. I was not particularly listening in to their discussion but I got an overall sense that it was very well conducted and good leadership was provided in the coming projects they were planning for. And they were enthusiastic with what they were doing. O yes, enthusiasm is so vital in anything we do. It turns tasks into a mission, and drudgery into dream making.

As the ceremony got underway, their President introduced the clubs mission. Their focus was on children and one of their former projects was called FireFlies - to motivate and encourage underprivileged children who are weak in their studies. Most groups would offer scholarships to outstanding achieving students but this Kiwanis group felt the need to assist those who have little interest in studies. In fact it was that project that they came into contact with Rainbow Home because one of our kids was in the school where the project was launched. I felt that their approach was fresh and their hearts were pure. They simply wanted to make a difference.

Here is a group of ladies who used their time, talent and finances and may I say their differences, to be a blessing. They looked beyond their own concerns and comforts. These ladies are from different backgrounds, faith and nationalities but their mission brought them together and their passion gets the work done. Yes they wanted to make a difference and they are.

This 'Making a Difference factor' I believe is inherent in all of us. We need to peel off the layers of self-centredness and insecurities to serve others. You know, only people with a healthy self esteem and confidence can put their ego's aside and help someone else in need. We dont have to take centre stage all the time.

Jesus loves and accepts us inspite of our past and wrong doings. We are made whole in His divine love. He said we should love one another. He truly dwells in us when we love and serve. So forget about self and focus on others and love people as Jesus did. Let's make a difference with what we have. Anyone can do it and most certainly you. We just need the heart for it, for the heart will find a way! Especially a heart that is full of God and His love.