Thursday, January 04, 2007

Closer to the Second Coming

The signs pointing to His soon return are todays common newspapers headlines - Wars, Nuclear Threats, Earthquakes, Diseases,Pestilences, Global warming, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and the Increase of violence and wickedness. 2007 brings us closer to the Second Coming of Jesus. The only hope this world has is faith in the Living God.

In preparing the church for Jesus Return, I spoke this message at the 31st Dec 2006 Watchnite service.
1. Christains need to be Faithful to God and His Word.
Scripture warns of many whose love for God will grow cold and some will abandon the faith to follow deceptive teachings. Hymenaus, Philetus and Alexander have shipwecked their faith (1Tim.1:20; 2Tim.2:17,18), Demas left for the world (2 Tim.4:10), and those who love money have wandered from the faith (1Tim.6:10). Be faithful whether or not your path is smooth or rough, peaceful or painful, successful or unsuccessful. There is only one God and He has a son and His name is called Jesus. This is the unchanging truth. This is the eternal truth.
2. Christians need to be Fervent in God's work. We need to work while it is still day. Fan into the flame the gifts of the Spirit and the faith we have in God. Paul challenges Timothy to preach the word in and out of season as the day of Jesus return approaches. Wake up from slumber. The saints of God must be alert and seize every opportunity to make God known. Trim the lamps, add the oil and burn brighter than before.
3. Christians need to be Fearless in the midst of chaos, confusion, trials and challenges. In the last days there will be an increase of wickedness and rising intolerance of Christianity. We are not to shrink back but stand up for the Lord with boldness and love. Our future is secured and God is with us in every situation. Isa 41:10 says that He will strengthen us and help us and uphold us with His righteous right hand.
4. Christians need to be Free from sin and every emcumbrance that weakens faith. Temptations and seductions are assailing humanity in every front. We need to be blood-washed daily by the Lamb. Repentance has to be a lifestlye of believers. Hate sin and root out every sinful habit of thought, word and deed. Jesus is coming back for a spotless bride.
5.Christians need to be Forgiving always. Keep short accounts. In handling negative emotions - be smart. Dump them from your heart and mind. Fill it instead with God's love. Do it daily. You will be a happier and healthier person.