Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Pain of Slowness

The turn off road leading to the church has been under construction to widen it for more than 9 months now. Traffic has been re-directed ever so often - closing the left side and then the right and then opens again and then it begins again and again. The construction gets started, stalls, starts again and stalls and ....When the road seems ready, tractors will come and new digging begins. (Sigh). The intention of widening the road is good but it has taken too long for a simple task that would just require a month or the most two.

This is all too true when it comes to changing our lives for the better. We know our weaknesses and what needs to be changed. We make the right decision to change and invite God to aid us. We start well but often slip back into our comfort zone and neglect steps in. The help of God is available and He brings the need to our attention. Yet our lack of focus and yieldedness to Him stalls the regeration process time and again.

Though spirtual growth and character change is a never ending process, yet the degree of change has been painfully slow. We need to give priority to inner change. We choose broadband over dial up access, we want same or next day courier services, fund transfer at the click of the mouse. Isn't it time to speed up on inner change. Imagine how happy your family would be when you deal with your anger ably after having put up with you for so long. Imagine what your office environment would be when you start responding cooperatively and cheerfully. Or how your sports team will benefit when you decide to deal with your indiscipline and lack of commitment. We all need to change. Let the changes be visible and let it take less time. It would save ourselves and others a lot of pain. Get on it today and be a better you.