Friday, July 07, 2006

Man on Fire

A man stood up to his feet and fire from heaven fell upon him. It was a strong red hot fire. It was the fire of prayer. Then another man on the left side of the church also stood up and he too was on fire. Then another man and another and another stood up, till the whole church was standing with blazing fire on their heads.

This vision was given by the Lord on the 13 June 2006 on the night of the Cheras prayer partners meeting in Praise City Church. The meeting was slow going in the beginning. Participation was lukewarm. I gathered the group of about 70 into a circle and we prayed in tongues. The Spirit of God came upon us and we prayed fervently and passionately over an extended period of time. It was then, that the Lord gave me the above vision of the man on fire and how it began to spread to the rest of the congregation until the whole church is on fire.

The Lord is going to raise up His church to pray. It will be a fire inspired by heaven so that the altar of prayer will keep on burning. It will seem to start slowly as only one man stood up and caught the fire. But the fire in this man will ignite the rest of them one by one. This will happen not just in one church but also in the other churches in Cheras.

In the days ahead, I believe that the Lord Himself will challenge you, inspire you and ignite you to be more fervent in prayer. He will give you a heart to seek Him and to intercede that His will be done in Cheras. Get ready for His touch. You will soon stand as the next person with fire on your head.