Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Battleship

I was feeling a bit tired physically after having spent 4 days in Rembia and ending the Sat preaching in PCC, Malacca and then driving back to KL. I got to bed about 2 am on Sun. I sat there in the Baby's room after the pre-service prayer was over on Sun. in KL with 15 min to spare before the main service at 10am which I was due to preach. I needed a few minutes alone to receive fresh strength. A dark, huge object floated in my mind from the right corner of my eye. It was not eerie nor frigthening. As the focus became clearer, I could make out that the vessel was a huge battle ship. It was an awesome, captivating sight. It had cannons, machine guns, a radar and fully loaded missiles. Sailing besides the battleship were other sea vessels. There was a fishing boat, cruise liner, speed boat and a cargo vessel too. The captain on board the battleship shouted to the other boats, 'Where are you going'. All the rest replied, 'We are following you'. The captain gave a commanding order,' Get away and get back. We are going to battle and you are not prepared for warfare at all.'

This vision came to confirm the word He spoke to my heart in my personal prayer retreat in Rembia that is 'Teach My People to Pray'. To advance God's work involves engaging the forces of darkness and winning the spiritual battle. To win it, the church must practice strong effective and persistent praying because the enemy is not flesh and blood but spiritual.

We need to be built tough and fully loaded with God's artillery to dispossess the enemy. The Church needs to exercise more than just intimate prayers with a loving God. To bring God's kingdom on earth, the Lord is raising forceful churches mighty in prayer. Churches that know how to storm the gates of hell and exert the authority of the Most High. We cannot expect to serve using our little and leisurely vessels. We are in a war and the spiritual battle is real and deadly.

Let us be a prayer war machine that will unleash God's immense power to break the domain of darkness. We need to be a battle axe in the hands of God to wield destruction on demonic forces and establish God's kingdom of love and peace. Pray strong, pray hard, pray through!!! Choose to be a prayer weapon in the hands of God.