Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Seeking God's Face

I went to El Sanctuary in Rembia, Malacca for four days to seek the face of God. The Lord had been urging me to do this a few weeks earlier.
I started the journey about 10am on Wednesday 14/6/06. In the car itself I spent the time communing with God ( with eyes opened of course while I am driving). It was a soul cleansing time as I asked God to remove everything unpleasant in my life to God. No music, no praise n worship cd, simply prayers only.
El Sanctuary is tucked away in the forest where Lendu river lazily flows. It was a perfect spot for a personal encounter with the Divine.
Time was spent on just two activities -praying and reading God's Word. I needed a fresh touch from God for myself and the church. I knew the secret for both of this is found only in God's presence.
I conversed with God; sometimes in quietness, at times worshipping God with my guitar and sometimes in loud and bold petitions and intercessions. Praying was done mostly in tongues as I claimed the promises of the Bible.
At the end of this retreat, I was touched and refreshed by God. I can sense is a new mantle upon my life and ministry. I received a new mandate to teach the church on breakthrough praying and see an ignition of prayer passion in the church.
On that weekend in PCC Malacca , there was an unusual anointing during the prayer time. One of the sisters who was recovering from a recent stroke was visibly shaking as hands were laid on her for total healing.
On Sunday in PCC KL, visions and clear inspired words/pictures were given from God to His church and individuals. At the water baptism after the sunday service, where 15 of them were baptized, the Lord led us to pray for them for the Holy Spirit baptism first. Almost all who were not baptized in the Spirit yet were filled and with the evidence of speaking in tongues while those already filled with the Spirit, received a refilling in their spirit.
May we experience more of the presence and power of God in the days to come.