Friday, January 09, 2015

My tweets in Jan 2015

@ArisSiew: A person is not fit to lead when he puts his pleasure ahead of the pain of his people.

@ArisSiew: A leader run towards crisis, not from it. He looks for solutions, not dig for skeletons.

@ArisSiew: True religion sacrifices oneself so that others may live. They are life givers not life takers!

@ArisSiew: There are those who talk well but seldom do. And there are those who can't speak well, but quietly, do.

@ArisSiew  Be FEARLESS in chaos. Cancel fear with faith and you can change your life.

@ArisSiew. Face your deepest and ugliest fears if you want to fulfil your destiny.

@ArisSiew. When fear tries to push you back, PUSHBACK YOUR FEARS with greater determination.

@ArisSiew. Fear draws a line, stares you in the eye and dares you to cross it. You either stop, turn around OR shout 'In Christ I can' and cross it.

@ArisSiew. In Christ I can do the things that I and others say I can't.