Tuesday, July 01, 2014

My Tweets June/July

@ArisSiew: In a tough and mean world, clad your soul, actions and words with the full armor of grace and gentleness.

@ArisSiew: Don't allow the little irritations of life to puncture your heart and rob you of peace but irrigate it often with the rain of His presence.

@Aris Siew: Many devise excuses, tell lies, or give reasons why it can't be done when the same efforts could be harnessed to move ahead

@ArisSiew: Dependence on God is not a lecture to be given. It is the air that we breathe, the dynamo of our strength, the reservoir of our wisdom

@ArisSiew: Too many are building empires, while their souls are in tatters and ruin. Spiritual poverty is the worst poverty..

@ArisSiew: There is too little fruit of the Spirit in too many so claimed spirit-filled lives.