Tuesday, October 01, 2013

You Cannot Climb Mt Everest Alone.

We can do some things well; but we cannot do all things well and great things by ourselves. On our own, we can conquer some hills, but we cannot climb Mt Everest alone. Regardless of how committed and talented a leader is, he can only do so much as he is limited by his own mind, ability, strength, resources and time itself.

To go beyond some small achievements and increase one's influence, he needs the help of others. A team is required to accomplish mega things. Without a team, a leader is resigned to small wins. The bigger the vision, the better a team is required.

Moses was bogged down by settling all the disputes of all his countrymen. He had no private time and family time. He was close to a classic burn out. His father in law insightfully saw Moses problem and gave him a timely advice. I call it the 'Jethro Files'.

In Moses' situation he was to...
A. Identify what his role as a leader was. 
1. He is the priest of God to intercede for the people.
2. Teach them the decrees and laws.
3. Show them the way to live and their duties to perform

B. Identify other leaders to assist him.
1. Select and train capable leaders.
2. Appoint and commission them to serve as judges.
3. The leaders handle all the cases and only the difficult cases come to Moses.

The results were that - Moses enjoyed his family, kept the sanity of his mind and led well throughout his lifetime.
Other leaders were raised up and their giftings utilised. They found their place in the community.
The people were satisfied cause their problem were addressed and  their needs were met.

To apply the Jethro Files to your situation, ask and do the following.
1. What are the things that only you can and must do personally. You do the leading. 
2. Select and raise up other leaders to do the other tasks, things that you do poorly, and things
you don't know how to do but are essential to the organization. Find leaders that complement you. 
3. Teach them values of the organization and imprint the vision into their hearts,
4. Choose capable, teachable and trustworthy persons to represent and serve with you.
5. Empower and trust them to make decisions and run their ministries and projects.

With a good team you can do many things.
With a great team you can do amazing things - even conquer Mt Everest.