Thursday, October 10, 2013

It is good to hurt yourself with this.

10 Oct 2013

Hurting oneself is not recommended in almost all cases. We question a persons psyche when he/ she enjoys being afflicted with pain. It is abnormal to hurt yourself except in this one area. You can and should hurt yourself when it comes to this!

Truth. Truth is powerful. Speak and act in truth even when it hurts you. Confess the truth when you make a blunder. Own up to your mistake and take the heat like a man. Act in truth even when it disadvantages you.

Losers are born when they stray from truth or add a spin to it. They open the doors for darkness to invade. Darkness is always destructive, never constructive.

The disadvantage of truth is temporal, but the disadvantage of falsehood is permanent.

When you speak the truth, truth itself will be your best ally. It will then promote you, win the respect of even your enemies and multiply your influence. When a person of truth speaks, it thunders with heaven's authority. It has the power to move armies, break steel walls and silence the most convincing of arguments . 

Hope can shine brightly in every institution and nations can be healed when truth is spoken and held up high.