Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Talent and Skill are not Enough

The speaker thundered and delivered the message passionately. At 75 years old, having served God full time for 52 years, Dr. George Westlake is still going strong. The fire had not dimmed but is burning fiercely. He has handed the leadership of the church of 5,000 people to the next generation, but he is still very active in ministry. He and his wife still runs a weekly live TV program answering questions from callers to the station. He travels widely speaking, teaching and training. He is a pastor to pastors and he is writing a Commentary on the book of Romans. He has previously completed textbooks for the Global University on Daniel and Revelation. On top of that, he does 200 crunches everyday. (I am doing 20 and that is not even everyday)

As I sat there listening to him at the AG Ministers Retreat, I was inspired by a man who has given his best and is still giving his best to serve God. He is learned, kind, experienced and most of all I admire his resilience in dedication. Life and ministry has its ups and downs but he has sailed the calm and rough seas masterfully. Resilience, perseverance and dogged determination – a critical link to success and impact is clearly missing in many lives today.

Talent and skill are not enough. Potential is overrated. Many highly talented people never reach success. They remain mediocre even though they have loads of abilities. They have aptitude but lack attitude. Highly defined skills does not naturally translate into effective lives. One major reason is the lack of staying power. They give up too easily. Problems stop them. They get knocked down and they stay down. Weak minds and weak hearts are not the kind of stuff that champions are made of.

Sadly, these talented people, offer countless excuses on how they have been victimized by life and people. They feel robbed of their glory. Life has been unfair to them. Someone cut in on them. Lady luck ran out. They blame everyone and everything except themselves. They trip over themselves while getting up.

There are no short cuts to success. We need stamina and strength for the long haul. Go the distance. Turn problems into possibilities. Finish what you started. Stick to your call. Let nothing stop you from doing what is right.

Quitters never win, Winners never quit! My prayer is to finish strong inspite of anything and everything. I need the virtue of stickability – ‘elephant glue to fasten my heart and hands to the plow’. Giving up is not an option. I am called to be an overcomer!

Rev.2:26 ‘To him who overcomes and does My will to the end, I will give authority over the nations.’ If you want to be a champion, act, think and behave like one. Get up. Move forward. Never give up.