Sunday, May 13, 2007

O What A Night!

The Africans came and they sang, they danced and they won our hearts. The beat was rhythmic, the movements were spontaneous and graceful as they worshiped and praise God with passion and sincerity. The 4 hours of the African Praise Night flew by so quickly, with many asking for more. O what a night!

They started planning for the night about two months ago. Everything from the ushers, program, MC, specials, refreshments and even the preaching of the Word were handled by the African students. It started well and ended up a huge success. Bravo!

I see in them initiative and a boldness in their actions for the Lord. From the children to the students, they displayed strong confidence on stage. The audience clapped, sang and on the second praise session, the stage front and every aisle was filled with the Africans and even Malaysians dancing unto the Lord for about half an hour.

The preaching was assigned to a quiet, unassuming student with a baby face look. I was uncertain if he was up to the task when his name was first suggested, but I accepted their proposal as it was their night. When the service was turned over to him, he took the mic and he spoke fluently, convincingly and expounded the Word accurately. I was so so blessed and I praise God that the Church in Africa has taught well its members the precepts of God's Word.

One more thing. This morning in the Sunday service, the African students presented a gift to the church for accepting them and supporting the African Praise Night. The church was overwhelmed by their generous and thoughtful gesture. And what's the gift - a five string bass guitar. Wow!

To all our African brothers and sisters, thank you for inspiring and blessing us. Since you came this January 2007 , you have added a fresh and colorful dimension to our worship and response to God. Hallelujah!