Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween



“The celebration of Halloween, also known as the witches' new year, is rooted in the ancient pagan calendar which divided the year into Summer and Winter by two fire festivals. Before the birth of Christ, the day we know as Halloween was part of the Celtic Feast of Samhain (sah-ween). This feast was a celebration of Druid priests from Britain and France and commemorated the beginning of Winter.

It was a night on which the veil between the present world and the world beyond was pierced. The festivals were marked by animal sacrifices, offerings to the dead, and bonfires in recognition of departed souls. It was believed that on this night demons, witches, hobgoblins, and elves were released en masse to harass and to oppress the living. For self-preservation many Druids would dress up as witches, devils, and ghouls, and would even involve themselves in demonic activities and thus make themselves immune from attack.” - Hank Hanegraaff

Activities they do on Halloween

Dress up like demons, witches, skeletons and monsters…

Attend parties in such demonic costumes.

Tell ghost stories or watch ghost movies.

Visit haunted or spooky places

Children – trick or treat – going from house to house asking for candy, guising

Carve and light up potatoes and pumpkins, place it in front of the house to ward off evil spirits.

Should Christians be involved in Halloween and Halloween parties?

What Christians should not do.

1. The Chinese celebrate the ghost festival – would you dress up like a ghost or demon and organize parties during that festival? I guess not. We should respond the same to the Western version of the ghost festival.

2. The power of darkness is glorified. There are those who invoke spirits and offer sacrifices to the dead and spirits, celebrating Halloween is a channel to invoke the powers of evil– Do not participate in it. Christians should exalt the Lord and worship him only.

3. Christians should dress up to reflect the beauty and light of God and not disguise themselves as evil beings. Avoid every appearance of evil.

What Christians can do?

1. Engage those who celebrate Halloween and tell them the background and spiritual significance of this practice. An opportunity to declare the truth.

2. Do not be afraid of the powers of darkness and know that they are defeated by the resurrected Christ who lives in us. We do not disguise ourselves to look like evil to escape evil but live in the light to defeat evil. Declare the power of the Lord to those who fear.

3. A time to remember our departed loved ones and the departed saints for all the good that they have done and give thanks to the Lord for the impact they have made.

Rev. Aris Siew