Saturday, January 24, 2009

More than Charisma and Conquest

Today's culture celebrates charisma and conquest. By 'conquest', I mean high achievements.
The personality cult is exalted to dizzying heights.
People are crazy over those with good looks, electrifying presence and the intelligent smooth communicator, amazing talent and of course the winners. These key indicators are todays success factors. Those who have them are hailed as today's heroes. They are considered super-sapiens, the elite of humanity.

People focus their energies running after these things and are rudely awakened by life that success is not equivalent to fulfilment and contentment. Success does not necessarily receive God's approval even though it receives tons of human praise. The truth is - Charisma and Conquest without CHARACTER makes an empty soul. It reveals an empty soul.

Character makes a person human.
Character makes a person useful.
Character makes a person truly great.

The making of character is a long and hidden journey that many chose to neglect to their misery and the misery of others. Few will chose this path but for those who do, they are the real heroes.
Work on the exterior but dont shut down the interior work. In fact, most people need to slow down or even shut down the exterior work for a while and lock in on inner development. That includes me.