Thursday, December 11, 2008

Path to Greatness

Power is potentially destructive!
Just look around you - you can see it in the office, school, government, community and even in the home. Those who have power easily fall into the trap of using and lording over people. This is the system of the world. Me-First. Win at all cost. And when you have won, dont let the world ever forget it.

' NOT SO WITH YOU...' were the words of Jesus to his disciples.
He is speaking on the system of the His Kingdom.
It is opposite of the world.
It is from above and not below.
It is selfless and it is serving.

To be great, be the servant.
To be first, be the willing slave.
It is unorthodox, unbelievable and some may even say unrealistic! But it is the way of His kingdom and the way of God.

Strange teaching but Jesus lived it. He came to serve and not to be served and he gave up His own life doing it. He had all power and all authority, yet he used it to serve all people.

'Worthy of worship, this Jesus' you may say.
But you hear something...He is inviting you to join Him in this path to greatness.
Hello...are you still there?