Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Truths and Dangers of the Resurrection of Jesus

Many of us are familiar with the TV show 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not'. It features a whole range of extraordinary human feats to the most bizarre around the world. Some of the acts are simply amazing, and if it not seen with your own eyes, it is un-believable. It is very entertaining. The program host always ends the show by saying 'believe it or not.'

When it comes to the Ripley show, to believe it or not to believe will not drastically change your life or mine. The show exposes us to many strange things but we can go on with life as usual without any dire consequences on how we respond to it.

However, when it comes to whether we believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ or not, the stakes are sky high. It is as drastic as heaven and hell (and that's no exaggeration). Jesus died and arose from the dead and is alive forevermore . The Bible and Christians claim that this is true. Do you believe it or not? Is it true or just fiction? There are at least 6 ways it will affect you.

1. Truth: If we believe that the resurrection is true, then you can be certain that your sins are forgiven. Jesus claimed that he came to die for the sins of the world. And if He rose from the dead, it means that His sacrifice for sins was accepted by God who raised Jesus up from the grave.
Danger: If we don't believe in the Resurrection, then we have rejected the only means of forgiveness and thus even now stand condemned for our sins. The wages of sin is death..Rom.6:23

2. Truth: If we believe the resurrection is true, then we can have a secure bright hope for the future. The barrier to entrance into heaven is sin. When sin is forgiven and removed, then our eternal destiny is brightly lit.
Danger: If we don't believe, then we are lost and the future is bleak and dark. We do not have the answer to "What lies after death, where am I going, how are my sins forgiven and how to have the assurance of forgiveness?"

3. Truth: If we believe the resurrection is true, we can be sure that Jesus is indeed the promised Savior. The Bible states that the true Savior will conquer death. Jesus defeated death and gives this same victory to his followers.
Danger: If we don't believe, then we reject the Answer sent by God, and earnest faith in any other persons other than Jesus is simply futile and fatal.

4. Truth: If we believe in the resurrection that Jesus is alive, then a meaningful and personal relationship with Him is possible. It assures us that prayer is more, much much more than religious activity. We pray to a real God and one who can hear and chooses to hear our heart's cry. The living God loves to speak to His children.
Danger: If we don't believe, we have lost the opportunity to establish the greatest and most rewarding relationship with Jesus. We have ignored the access into the holy awesome presence of the One True God and ventured onto a dark slippery path headed to disappointments and sadness.

5. Truth: If we believe in the resurrection, we can live in confidence that this living God who conquered death is there to help us overcome our big and insurmountable difficulties. Nothing is impossible with God !
Danger: If we don't, we are left to lean on self and the weak arm of human flesh. Man will fail us and we will fail ourselves and we potentially slide down into damaging emotions that robs us of inner peace.

6. Truth: If we believe, then we will be greatly inspired to live a godly life for the pleasure of the Living God who will one day reward us.
Danger: If we don't believe the resurrection of Jesus, we gravitate towards careless living and low morals which will bring God's judgement on us.

So do you believe in the Resurrection of Jesus? If you believe the resurrection is real, you will experience the truths and power of His resurrection in normal daily living. If it is real and you don't believe, then you live dangerously on the edge of certain catastrophe.

You may argue that the resurrection of Jesus is a hoax. If it really is a hoax, then you don't have to be bothered at all. But are you sure? Have you done thorough research to make this solid conclusion. The evidences supporting the resurrection of Jesus is undeniable and can stand any cross examination of any court of law. Because if you are wrong, the consequences are most severe lasting for......forever!